Sunday, February 10, 2013

-Stranded in Kahuku-

 -Stranded in Kahuku-

I have been so stoked to tell you all about my adventurous date night with Mr. Tanner Denning. For all of you wondering who he is.... here's his lil background story- Tanner.. it's your time to shine!

I met Tanner my first week here at school. He is from San Clemente, California but had been living in Utah the last few years and working as a lift operator at Park City Mountain Resort. He was going to be an Accounting Major, but then he realized how extremely horrid that would be so he switched his major to Marine Biology- The same as me! I was stoked to see we had a lot of classes together because that means I  had someone to cheat off of! :D :D (jk mom...) He has become one of my really good friends over here and is one of the sickest dudes I have ever met! He has been surfing since he was...6 I believe... so yeah he totally sucks at it. He also snowboards, longboards, cooks, and is extremely smart and a super good example to me! Oh and he loves Winston. So there's the little background on him.

(Tanner is the dude basically on top of the other dude.. This was him surfing at Pipeline a few weeks ago.. he is freaking insane....)

ANYWAYS................. So Tanner and I have become slaves of the library. We spend about 5 hours at the library every day studying for our freaking hard classes and so that picture that is at the top of this blog was taken on Friday after we had been in the library for several hours and working on biology problems that would take about 45 minutes a question.. after we were done, our brains were fried. He asked me if he could take me to The Surfer Bar (totally his kind of joint) at Turtle Bay. Finally a night out away from studying!

Tanner and I met up on campus later and walked to the bus stop to head up to Turtle Bay. MAN do I miss having my little snoball to scurry around in :( BUSES ARE SO FREAKING SCARY!!!!! We got to Turtle Bay after a sketchy bus ride and the restaurant was AMAZINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!! We had such a delicious meal and I know Tanner loved the whole surfer atmosphere at the restaurant and was probably watching the waves outside the whole time! :) For dessert... we had the most incredible creation that literally made me emotional it was so good. It was a chocolate haupia checkerboard cake.. So it was ice cream and cake checkers! INCREDIBLE!

uh tanner can you not look like elvis??

After dinner, we went down near the beach where they had a bunch of torches going and we sat there talking. We started talking about super scary stories and freaky experiences we had both had and then all of a sudden the torches all went out. We were pretty freaked out! We left after that and headed back down to the bus stop. We were sitting there and I was like "uhhhh whens the bus gonna be here....." We checked the time and the next bus- 6:45 the next morning. 

We were 6+ miles away from home!! We both just started laughing and Tanner looks at me and says "Well.... looks like we are going to go on a little adventure!" So we started our little quest- Once we got out of the beauty and lights of Turtle Bay, we found ourselves walking along the side of the road in the complete dark with the stars barely lighting the road for us. We were FREAKED OUT!! Our previous spooky conversation wasn't helping either! Tanner started talking to me about what we would do if someone jumped us and we had like a game plan- it was so scary actually talking about what we would have to do if we got freaking attacked by someone... wasn't comforting at ALL especially since one of the sketchiest towns was only a few miles ahead of us. We had to stop along the side of the road and I had to put all of my cash and credit cards inside of my shirt just in case... so freaky. Once we saw some cars passing by we started to hitch hike.. and ITS NOT THAT SKETCHY GUYS! Hitch hiking is the best way to get across the island! We hitch hiked FOREVER and cars just kept on zooming by. SO frustrating! Finally a HUGE truck zooms by us and then stops and reverses back to us. This totally crazy old dude gets out and was like "WHERE YAAA HEEEADDEDD?!" And we hop into the bed of his truck. It was full of random stuff like... IDK... DEAD FISH and freaking coconuts! The dude was freaking nuts! He only drove like half a mile and then dumped us in the middle of Kahuku- the sketchiest place. So we just walked looking down at the ground avoiding eye contact with anyone and we were SCARED. We finally got out of the sketchy area and found a well lighted trail to walk down. We FINALLY felt like we weren't going to get attacked by zombies and/or aliens. Until we saw the alien cows along the path....

                                   try to tell me that isn't the scariest thing you've ever seen in your life.

LONG STORY SHORT- Tanner and I survived the sketchiest abandonment ever. The lesson we learned- PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SUCKS GUYS!!!!!!!  I'm glad I had that huge kid with me though in case anyone wanted to start anything... but Tanner should be lucky he had ME there because we all know no one would've messed with us when they saw how tough I am.... duhh! ;) It was scary at the time, but now I laugh about it all the time! I love the craziest experiences like this that I have here... it makes me love the island life so much more! Gotta love having crazy stories I can tell the kids one day about how mama was a gangsta and hitch hiked her way through Hawai'i :)

<3 <3 <3 <3


  1. Okay first of all Tanner is a total stud. When I saw thy picture of him and the cake I thought damn its ELVIS! Then I saw your caption and about peed.

    Second of all I laughed out loud at you guys hitch hiking.

    Third of all, what the crap is your last picture of!? Freaky! This post makes me 10000x more excited for you guys to get your packages!!!

  2. HAHA when I uploaded that photo I thought... 'uhh why is he in college and NOT being Elvis is vegas right now?" The last picture is of the freaking alien cow that was staring us down! creepy!

  3. I'm new to your blog but I think I will be here for a very long time. Your story telling skills are at it's best. I laughed, aww'd and smiled while reading this. I also envy you for being in Hawaii and I agree with the first comment your friend Tanner is a stud! Glad you made it home safe and sound!

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog via Love & Such. Just had to thank you for letting me take a peek of your world here. Just lovely!!! Feel free to visit me at XOXO, Mandi