Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Love & Such

Okay brothers and sisters- bloggers of the world- I am SO pleased to introduce you to the best blog out there... my sister's! I mean... I guess it's okay... :) If you love reading about spontaneous adventures with a human and their sidekick bunny then her blog is for you! Love & Such is my lil seester's blog and it is seriously the best thing ever! She is the little bunny that got me onto blogging! I love her and her blogs (especially the awesome ones about me) more than anything! 

So my sissy nominated me for the Lobster Award!! (Liebster Award) I'm pretty stoked to fill out this questionnaire thing- It's always fun for everyone to learn a little more about me.. especially if you are new to my bloggy blog! I'll post 11 things about myself and then answer the questions my tinky has given me.Thanks for the nomination sis... I won't let you down...


1. I live in Lai'e Hawai'i. If you don't know that already then... Welcome to Little Sea Big Fish. 

2. I have SUCH a love for animals and it is kind of a problem... I can't walk through campus without the stray dogs following me around because they KNOW that i'm the chick that buys dog food at the grocery store for them and gets beef jerky out of the vending machine to feed them if i'm in a hurry. SO WHAT! I love the little critters. I have even tried to leave little snacks for the geckos in my dorm room but they are haters so... i'll keep workin' on that one! 

3. I LOVE school and I love learning. I spend 95% of my life in the library 1. because if I am in the sun too long i'll burn and 2. there are some super hot guys in here. I am SUCH a nerd and get all of my homework for like the next month done but HEY don't come crying to me when you are all stressed out about all of the homework you have to do! I'll be here sitting on pinterest laughing while you frantically finish your assignments! Suckas.

4. I am a fishy. I am obsessed with the ocean and i'm so happy I live two seconds away from it! Even though I have been living in Hawai'i for a little bit, there isn't ONE time where I don't walk or drive by the ocean and just stare at it in amazement. It is just so insanely powerful and holds so many mysteries! I looove it.

5. My best friend is my sister. Hands down. Everyone says "ohhh yeah I love my siblings! BFFS!! yay!" when lezbehonest- they don't! I was so blessed to get a sister who is just as insane as I am! We understand each other so well and I am so happy our sisterly umbilical cord bond had grown even more these last few years! Love you buns!

6. I won the Red Head Contest at the State Fair. This doesn't even need an explanation. It was legit.. 

7. At my high school graduation, a couple other students and I were asked to speak. Everyone spoke so wonderfully about working hard and growing up to become a strong and confident individual. And then I stood up and spoke about how I aspire to own a ghetto taco stand someday. HATERS GONNA HATE! 

8. Some people are afraid of ghosts, some are afraid of murders, but COME ON GUYS there is nothing more terrifying than ALIENS! Those little creatures have been my biggest fear since I was in the womb. I'm sorry but DON'T tell me this just doesn't make you want to crap your pants- 

9. I love anything dealing with love. Okay let me explain myself- I love reading cute engagement stories, hearing about peoples weddings, cute love notes, darling surprises for their significant other. I think its all so cute! But at the end of the day..... this is how I really am...

10. I ate dog testicles when I was in China. Did I know I was eating dog testicles......? Do I even have to ANSWER THAT?

11. Even though I seem like a girly kind of girl, I LOVE doing anything crazy outdoors! A lot of people have told me I act more like a boy than a girl sometimes. I should take that offensively.. but I just respond with "You are just upset I have better 'That's What She Said' jokes." ALL of my best friends have been guys so I understand them better than any other species on earth, but boy I get friend zoned like no other! Whatevs! I love all the dudes in my life! Anyways.. back to the subject- I LOVE running, hiking, hunting, and going on any kind of adventure! I'm down to try anything crazy and love having a killer time! (Why do I feel like I am filling out a thing for a dating website? in that case I love ice cream and walks on the beach boys!)

Kell asked me these questions-

1. What has been the greatest adventure for you in the last year?

Definitely moving to Hawai'i and enjoying the sick adventures I have had here! I never thought i'd be at my dream school living right next to the beach! Love it!

2. If you could live anywhere in the US Where would you move?
I would love to live in California sometime in my life! I love Hawai'i but there is no way I am going to be paying $8.00 for a gallon of milk the rest of my life here! SO expensive to live over here it is such a joke!

3. Dill pickles or sweet?
Dill for sure! Oh dill pickles bring back great memories of making grilled cheese and eating big ol' pickles with my sis! 

4. If someone handed you $1,000.00 what would you do with it?
My first purchase would most definitely be the biggest carrot ever for Winston! If you don't know who Winston is... Follow kell's blog and you will find out! After that I would take care of the family. I'd get Kell and Spencer a home, pay off the parentals bills, and once all of that is taken care of, I'm headed to the Land Rover dealership to get myself a black Range Rover to drive to Lulu Lemon in to spend the remainder of my money. Oh then i'd buy a labradoodle. Those things are gnarly. Sounds like a good plan! 

 5. What is your dream job?
Well.... It's a little all over the place but... I would love to be a Marine Biologist (what i'm studying in school right now) and/or work at Sea World so that I could play with sea critters all day. But on the other hand, I would love to do something with business. I have always dreamed of having my own little grill or something right on the beach. But I love being in charge.. so being a CEO of a huge company and arriving to work every day in my Rolls Royce wearing my Chanel business attire and the 6 inch red heels I could never walk in. And having everyone be terrified of me..... yeah........ that would rock. But at the end of the day, all I want in life is to be the manager for One Direction. Lets get real. 

6. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?
Clothes. Gum. Ice cream. Lulu Lemon. Random Etsy purchases. That's all I spend my money on....

7. What is your favorite season and why?
I love summer (duh) because of WARM NIGHTS! You would say "well you have that all the time in Hawai'i!" well no. You don't. Its windy and freaking cold at night. I miss Utah's killer dry summer heat and watching the sunset on the boulevard at night and still enjoying the heat even after the sun had set! I also love Autumn because it is SUCH a pretty time! Plus that means HALLOWEEN!!! <3

8. What is one accessory you couldn't live without?
The only accessories I wear are the ones I wear EVERY day. I am completely naked without my Michael Kors watch on my wrist. It's such a beast and weighs like 45 pounds but I even sleep with it most of the time. It's a problem. I wear 2 rings on each hand and those never come off no matter what! I forget they are even there i'm so used to them. I also wear my fishy necklace that my best friend Cole Davis gave me over a year ago every day. The only time that sucker ever comes off is when I have a photo shoot! My last accessory I wear every day is my lucky Saint Christopher's necklace!

9. Where were you born?
I was born in Bountiful, Utah into a family that looks completely different than me. My siblings all tell me i'm adopted so I don't really know what to believe anymore......... i'm guessing my real birth place is probably Compton or Inglewood. 

10. Do you have any pets?
I have Peanut the yorkie, Jaxsey the Chiweenie, Weezy and Snowflake the Parakeets, and Winny. He is sisters bunny, but i'm his auntie so yeah... he's considered one of my pets. They all are so rad! 
peanut loves me...

11. Why do you blog?
I love blogging because I love keeping family and friends updated on all of my adventures. But I mostly love it because I love making me people laugh! I hope you all chuckled at least once in this blog. If that picture of people with the sock on her head doesn't crack you up then I really don't know what to tell you.



  1. HAHAHAHAHA I just read this again and it made me so happy! I love it when you update your blog. I'm proud to have a sister as hilarious as you!

  2. You make me smile! Love you Natters!

  3. Congrats on your Liebster award! Loved your answers!

    I'm originally from Wahiawa (Oahu) so I get super excited when I see other bloggers from Hawaii!

    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    ♥ Duckie.

  4. Aw! I love your sister's blog. She's phenom. Congrats on the award
    ...And I'm totally jealous of your MK watch.

  5. Love this post nat! #teamhutch LOVE YOU

  6. I found you from your sisters blog. I'm jealous you live in Hawaii. Oh my gosh, I've never been there! EVER. You're beautiful by the way. I'm pretty jealous.


  7. Aliens are my biggest fear too, I could hardly even stand to look at the picture! You can never trust an alien because you can't even know what they are capable of. Haha I know I sound crazy but seriously...

  8. SO happy to have found your blog! You are just darling & gorgeous! following you via gfc & google plus! Hope you check out mine:) xx